Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Beginning of it all

I began in brittanys in 1986 going hunting with my neighbor, Lowell Parsons and his two britts Smokey and Annie. Lowell was an avid grouse hunter and I tagged along every chance I had. I was drawn to his dogs and their mesmorizing points. I saved up every penny, mowing yards, allowances, birthdays. Because my parents said if I could afford a brittany I could have one. So I finally got my first dog, Brian's Lady Britt.
She was a handfull and I couldn't train her. I took a job with a locl pro Frank Colyer with Rawhide Kennels. There I cleaned kennels and fed birds just to pay for trainig. She was more than just a grouse dog, she was a trial dog. So I began working every free hour, whoa breaking and trial training with Frank to send my girl to field trials. I even took a job at the local IGA as a carryout to pay for entry fees. She never made a field champion but she sure did get me hooked on field trialing. From then on I have had britts and trialed all over the east and midwest. Now I am the ABC 4th vice president. My wife and I have collected several nice females and our goal is to produce not only high quality brittanys for the field, but national competitors. I spend countless hours looking up pedigrees and comparing what is working for other breeders of field trial dogs to make my selections for my next litter. We want whoever the owner of our puppies is to have a britt that they can be be proud and enjoy just like we are.